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 Wood Stone


Woodstone home is the premiere residential hearth oven. It is the perfect oven for entertaining in your home or on your property.


Distinct domestic appliances born from a collaboration with leading architects of the world. Products that express "Made in Italy" style by perfectly combining design, performance and attention to detail. 


We plan, cook and host at events California wide. Ask for more information to see how you can have a delicious and beautiful event with us. 

Wood Stone produces highly engineered equipment combined with patented materials and processes to provide premier quality stone hearth cooking equipment.  



There is no other product on the market that can achieve the consistent cooking results of a Wood Stone oven. The intense heat is distributed in three forms:

Natural convection because of the designed shape of the oven.

Radiant heat from the golden flame in the rear, optimized for hearth cooking.

Conductive energy from the floor which utilizes a proprietary ceramic material developed specifically for hearth cooking.

When all three of these styles of heat work together, juices are locked into the food all while creating natural caramelization which brings out the most flavor possible. The result: your food tastes better when cooked in a Wood Stone Home oven.


There is no better experience for your guests. bring flavor, fire and life back to your next family gathering

Technology with Style


Know-how, creativity and style: these are the qualities that spring from Smeg's Italian identity and characterise the company's commitment to bringing everyday objects to life.

Aesthetic reasons aside, Smeg's identity is an expression of its actual Italian origins and the fact that the company is passionate about what it does. Smeg aims to identify and reflect the defining characteristics of Italian design, such as inventive elegance, originality and product quality.



Bonnet is first and foremost…

 a fabricator of custom cooking ranges for the world’s finest restaurants.  We have produced ranges for the most well-known chefs to ever enter a kitchen and the most revered restaurants.  The Culinary Institute of America, the French Laundry, Il Bulli, Jean-Georges, Restaurant Daniel and many others have turned to Maestro by Bonnet when it was time to outfit their kitchens.

Maestro is a small artisan workshop of about 25 employees located in the idyllic town of La Motte de Galaure, just north of Provence, in Southern France.  Surrounded by the iconic vineyards of the Cotes du Rhone region, it is nestled in a small farming community with roots in grapes, sunflowers and lavender. Idle chitchat at the local café and boulangerie are by far the most common forms of communication in this serene setting where Blackberries are still a fruit.

We offer an assortment of pre-designed ranges here but we design custom stoves every day.


We only make one thing; ranges.

FRANCOIS & CO. is committed to the principles of authenticity, ingenuity and scrupulous attention to detail. FRANCOIS & CO.’s mission is to make statements that inspire — beginning with the highest quality raw materials and ending with a product with exquisite visual appeal. From WOOD, to STONE, to PEWTER, to TERRACOTTA, every product in our carefully curated collection of stunning surfaces and architectural elements is something we have fallen in love with.



Want to do a collaboration between one of the brands we represent? Contact us! We host pizza parties, product launches and dinners. We are also open to collaborating on any ideas with you. 


We bring the food, chef and server. You bring the guest list.